Compassion Ministry

Our Compassion Ministry caters for the poor, the widow, the fatherless, and all the under-privileged persons who seek help through the International Ministry of Salvation and Praise. We are partners with various organizations who donate food items, toys and clothing supplies to the ministry to distribute to everyone in need in this area of our ministry. Should you require help in this area, please contact our church office.

Missions and Outreach Ministry

God has called the International Ministry of Salvation and Praise to evangelize our cities, our nation, and the world. The Book of Psalms, Chapter 2:8 says, ''Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession.'' This is our time to bring great harvests of souls to the kingdom of God. The fields are full of harvest we believe it is our responsibility to reach out and gather the harvest of souls from every nation, every tribe, and every people to the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Missions and Outreach Ministry is made up of trained Evangelists and Missionaries whose visions are to see the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ taken to the four corners of the Earth. Our primary goal is to reach our inner city families through evangelism and special programs to help them regain freedom from spiritual oppression and addictions through our Healing House Ministries.

Healing House Ministry

The Lord spoke to us and informed us to call the International Ministry of Salvation and Praise, ''The Healing House.'' There is a strong gift of healing, miracle, signs, and wonders that God has blessed and equipped our ministry to impact the world at such a time as this. We have seen the near-dead raised, various cancer patients healed, many demonically possessed people delivered and set free. We thank the Holy Spirit for the work of miracles and healings that have taken place in our ministry. The Healing House Ministry meets every Friday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Luke 9:1 says, ''Then He called His twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases.'' It is our firm believe that God will heal you, and set you free from all infirmities once you come into The Healing House because He has given us power, and authority to heal the sick and set you free from demonic oppression in the name of Jesus Christ.

Prophetic Ministry

Our Prophetic Ministry is overseen by a Prophet in the Prophetic office. The purpose of our prophetic ministry is to train and equip our members in the use of prophecy to edify, exhort, and comfort (1 Corinthians 14:3) God's children who desire to hear from God and seek God's guidance and counseling for their lives. According to the Book of Numbers, Chapter 11:29, Moses desired for God's people to be prophets so they could prophesy.

Women of Favor Ministry

Our Women Ministry is in charge of empowering women in the Kingdom of God with the word of God to become virtuous women and leaders in their homes, the church and the community. The Women Ministry is involved in various programs that are targeted towards helping women in the areas of counseling, spousal abuse and home maintenance. For more information, please call the church office.

Men Ministry

The Men Ministry was created to empower the men to live righteously and to take the lead in the family as the priest of their households. The ministry emphasizes on family values and calls men to a higher standard in leadership in all works of life. The Men Ministry is led by a Pastor and meets on a regular basis. For more information, please call the church office.

Children Ministry

Our Children Ministry is designed to teach the word of God from the Bible to our kids and impart Godly principles about life, and having respect for parents and elders to our kids. Our children are taught to memorize given scriptures from the Bible and to use them to pray.

Eagle Youth Ministry

Our Youth Pastors are in charge of the Youth Ministry and have developed curricula to guide them in teaching and leading our youths. The youths are taught to pray, read the word of God with understanding, pray in tongues, and be able to evangelize their schools and peers. They are given godly principles to follow and to aspire to be the best that God has called them to be in life. Our goal is to see their destinies fulfilled.

Intercessory/Prayer Ministry

Our Intercessory/Prayer Ministry meets every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday between 7:00pm to 9:00pm to intercede for our families, the church, the city, our nation, our government, and what, where, who, and however God directs them to watch. They are God's watchmen and women who have dedicated themselves to serving God through prayers. Many healings, miracles, signs and wonders have been seen during our prayer sessions. We believe that you will truly receive your blessings from this ministry. For more information, please call the church office.

Five Fold Ministry Training

This is a ministry that focuses on training God's children who believe they have received the call of God into any of the five fold offices. For more information, please call the church office.

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