Here is the perfect place to tell the world what the Lord God Almighty has done for you in your life. Let us share in your joy. God Bless you.

Quotes My niece had just gotten married and not too long after her husband had a stroke. He was on admission and could not move almost half of his body. During prayer meeting one Thursday night, Apostle was sharing a testimony about a cancer patient we had prayed for who had just gotten discharged because the doctors could not find the cancer any more. I was moved by that testimony; I tapped into this testimony and I went and stood in the gap for my niece and her husband. Apostle prayed for them using me as a point of contact. A couple of days later I got a call from my Niece saying her husband is being discharged from the hospital; the stroke fled!!!! I give God all the praise. Quotes
Sister Phyllis
Stroke subdued

Quotes I was a walking corpse when my cousin brought me to this ministry. And I had an encounter with the power of God. I had come from Texas with a hidden agenda; to die in Las Vegas close to family. I knew I was going to die because I had been oppressed by the spirit of death for so long that I gave up. My body was being tormented physically and spiritually. My cousin was alarmed when she saw me; From the airport, she drove me to prayer meeting at The Healing House and that was where things turned around for me. As the prayer team led by the Pastor and His wife lifted me in prayer, generational curses and spells were revealed and broken. The Pastor instructed his wife to touch my stomach and pray for me. The moment she touched my stomach something leaped out of my body and I knew my hour of deliverance had come. The Holy Spirit revealed and every single bondage and strong man was cast out of my body and life. I left rejuvenated and blessed. I felt the power of God that night. Quotes
Bro EnoUbong
Walking Corpse

Quotes I was flown in from Africa by a medical team to come have a pacemaker implant because I was having heart defects. Upon arrival to the U.S., my sister informed me of a place that she believes I can receive healing from this heart issue. The procedure was scheduled for Monday but the Sunday before, I followed my sister to The Healing House. I came up for prayers when the Pastor asked if there was anyone who needed healing. I told him what I wanted healing from and he told me that God is going to touch and heal me and that I will not need the pacemaker. The one who created me will fix me. I was prayed for and a decree went forth that I will not need a pacemaker. I went to my appointment the next day, getting ready for the procedure. The doctors checked again and to my amazement they did not find anything wrong with my heart. They were marveled. They said, your heart is fine, we cannot find any problem with. I left back to Nigeria with no pacemaker. I was touched by the finger of God. Quotes
Sis Pat
Heart Problem Healed
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