Here is the perfect place to tell the world what the Lord God Almighty has done for you in your life. Let us share in your joy. God Bless you.

Quotes When I came to the Healing house, I was diagnosed with 21 different types of illnesses and diseases. I could not walk for long because of collapsing on the way and sometimes they would call an ambulance to pick me up. After receiving prayers on the Sunday morning that I came, I went to my doctor the following day and I was told everything in my body had disappeared. My spine was straight and I was totally healed by the Lord at the healing house from 21 different diagnosis in one day. Thank you Jesus. Lance T, Las Vegas Nevada Quotes
Lance T
Healing of my whole body

Quotes My friend had cancer some years back and I had been praying for her. She finally told me that the cancer went into remission and I was very happy. Recently, she told me that the cancer came back and a I was very worried. I was upset with her because I thought that if she had been coming before God the cancer would not have come back. My church IMSP had a Healing conference and the Pastor asked everyone with cancer to stand up including those who knew people that had cancer. So I stood up for my friend and when she went back to the doctor for an appointment she was told that there was no cancer found. I thank my Lord Jesus Christ for healing my friend though I did not feel like standing up for her because of her reluctance to come to church. I am glad I did. Praise be to God. Amen. Quotes
Gray, P

Quotes My mother was diagnosed with cancer and it wasn't long that the cancer became worse. My mother's friend who is a member and leader in IMSP invited my mother and me to IMSP where we met pastor Elijah and he prayed for us. My mother was bed ridden and wheel chair bound for a long time. She could not walk at all. When Pastor Elijah prayed for us, he said that my mother would walk in the name of Jesus Christ in exactly 30 days. Within that period, my mother had regained strength in her body and started walking. After the Healing conference, my mother went to the doctor and was told that the cancer was no more. Thank you Jesus for healing my mother through IMSP. Quotes
Derika, Las Vegas
Cancer Healed

Quotes For years my friend confided in me that she could not conceive because of the problems she had with her womb. I told her that I know Pastor Elijah because he prayed and God healed my eight year old daughter from leukemia. So I called pastor Elijah and told him about the situation with my friend and he prayed and told me that God had answered my friend and that she would conceive and have children. It's a month after that prayer and my friend has just called to inform me that she is pregnant after many years of not being able to conceive. Hallelujah. Lord Jesus you are wonderful and gracious. There is no god who can perform miracles like you. Glory be to your name. Amen. Quotes
Mrs. UD-Chino Hills, CA

Quotes I was highly addicted to Xanax for 40 years. I used to take 8 tablets of Xanax a day through out the whole 40 years and never missed a dose. I was tired of my life because I was always weak and tired. I was told about Pastor Elijah and I picked up a phone and called the prayer line. He answered and prayed over the phone for me. From the moment he prayed for me, I could not explain what happened but I was full of energy and regained control of myself. It was as if a heavy load was lifted off of me. I had so much strength and for the first time, I went out the following day on my own and came back alone strong. The most shocking thing to me was that I did not have the urge to take Xanax any longer. From that day till today, I have not taken one pill of Xanax. God helped me to get out of the habit of taking Xanax everyday. I am very healed and I thank God. Quotes
TM, Las Vegas

Quotes My daughter had terminal breast cancer and was admitted in a hospital in Arizona. I flew in from California where I live to spend time with her in the hospital. While in the hospital, I was informed by a friend that she was in a prayer gathering and that the pastor has mentioned that there is someone with terminal cancer in our community who would be dying soon and if anyone knew who the person was. I told her that the person is my daughter and she was shocked that she even called me to ask the question. So she stood in the gap for me while the Pastor, Pastor Elijah prayed for my daughter. A week later, the doctor said that all the cancer is gone. Biopsies done showed no more cancer and my daughter is alive today. To God be the glory. This miracle has brought me closer to God than ever. I am very happy. Quotes
IM, Los Angeles, California

Quotes My sister had an end stage cancer and was bleeding heavily from her nose at the time. She was in the hospital when I was referred to Pastor Elijah and he prayed for her over the phone with me. This was on a Saturday. That same day by evening after he had prayed for my sister who was supposed to have been dead, the bleeding stopped. Now, the cancer is in remission and my sister is recovering well. God used pastor Elijah to pray for my sister to receive healing. Thank you Jesus. Quotes

Quotes I was addicted to cigarette and Xanax for many years. I was also deaf and could not hear very well. So, I called Pastor Elijah and he prayed for me. From that day, I had stopped taking Xanax, stopped cigarette and my hearing has been improving ever since. Thank you Jesus. Quotes
Brother Eu, Las Vegas

Quotes I was scheduled to undergo an ovarian cyst removal. I went to visit a friend in Las Vegas and she brought me to her church, The Healing House. The Pastor prayed for me and by the Supreme power of God the cyst had disappeared. The doctors could not find any cyst when I went for my scheduled procedure. Jesus healed me. Quotes
Sister Tina, Maryland

Quotes My 8 Years old niece fell down and went blind instantaneously in California. The doctors said they could not do anything to save the eyes. Upon calling The Healing House, the Pastor prayed and told us my niece would see again the following morning. That morning, as soon as the little girl got up and opened her eyes, she was able to see again. Jesus Christ healed her. Quotes
Sister Linda, Las Vegas
Sight Restored

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