Here is the perfect place to tell the world what the Lord God Almighty has done for you in your life. Let us share in your joy. God Bless you.

Quotes Pastor Elijah, just wanted to let you know for many years I've needed both knees replaced from doing stunt work. Everyday, the pain had been terrible. Now, my knees are completely healed in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus, Quotes
R. Pierson, Former Hollywood Actor, Las Vegas
Healing of My Knees

Quotes The Lord has blessed me with two families. He works in mysterious ways and gives us angels when we least expect it. I can't even begin to tell how much my new family has done for me. Especially my new mom. The amount of encouragement and strength she gives me is undeniable. Quotes
Pincess Oroke
Multiple Blessings

Quotes Most recently The Lord put a huge blessing and stress reliever on me. He put my financial aid through for me to pay my school fees and he didn't stop there. He blessed me with scholarships for school and more to come. My dad has not been working regularly and things have been really rough for him. He finally started working in going into business for himself. I'm so excited. The good lord is doing some things for him right now. I've been able to spend time with my family and there isn't so much tension all the time. It feels like The Lord is going to put another huge blessing on me for my family to get along. I feel it. I know he will do it. He will not let me down. Quotes
Pricncess Oroke
Multiple Blessings

Quotes My medical license was revoked and I was not able to practice. I was financially devastated and not knowing what to do, I prayed to God. I know Pastor Elijah personally but I did not tell him what was happening to me. To my surprise, he called me and said God has a message for me. But I must fast for three days and after that I should call him back. I did not fast on the days he wanted me to fast. So He called me back the following week and encouraged me to do the fast. After I went through the fast, he said God asked him to tell me to take twelve $1 bills and put $3 into four different envelopes and sow that seed in my church. So I did that the following Sunday. By the following Tuesday, I received a letter that my license was restored. Two weeks later, my second mortgage of $150,000 was cancelled though my house had a huge equity in it. I only had to pay $20,000.Then my credit card company sent me 1099 after cancelling my debt of about $13,000 for no just reason. Thank you Lord. Quotes
Mike, Riverside, California
Business Restoration

Quotes I was extremely bewitched and hunted by evil spirits. I had marine spirit husband that refused to let me keep any marriage. I could be married and the man would wake up one day and packed out without any problem. I was devastated. I suffered for many years, fasted and prayed with no result. sometimes when I fasted, they would leave me alone but came back right after the fast. I finally came to the Healing House. Pastor Elijah Called me out and my daughter and prayed for us. He prayed for my deliverance right there and I felt something broke from my body. A heavy weight was lifted and I was delivered and healed to this day from witchcraft oppression, blood covenant and spirit husband. My daughter who was depressed was set free and has no more depression. My son who was on drugs was healed and no longer taking drugs. Though he is still struggling to come to church, he is not doing drugs anymore. I give all the glory to Jesus Christ for healing and delivering me and my children. Quotes
Christie, Las Vegas
Free from bewitchment

Quotes I came to church at the Healing House in my wheel chair. I had stroke and have not walked for over one year now. the Pastor called and prayed for people, prayed for me and laid hands on me. He told me that the Lord will heal me and that I will walk soon. During deliverance and healing I stood up by faith from my wheel chair and when the pastor saw me, he came and started praying and asking me to walk in the name of Jesus Christ. As I began to release my legs because I was very much in pains, I started walking, and walking and walking. Thank you Jesus. I was walking out of the church to my bus, pushing my wheel chair. Thank you Jesus for healing me and for letting me walk again after one year of sitting and depressed in a wheel chair. Quotes
Daniel, Las Vegas
I can walk again

Quotes I had a very severe and throbbing pain in my lower abdomen. I went to the doctor at my school and they referred me to the hospital in Salem, Oregon. They ran all kinds of test and found out that I had 18 cm cyst in my ovary. They scheduled surgery for me immediately. When I came to Las Vegas, I went to the Healing House for service and prayers. That night, I noticed that my pain was no more and ever since, I was healed. I went to the hospital for my appointment and the doctors ran tests in preparation for my surgery and did not find anything. They said it was impossible for an 18 cm cyst to have disappeared like that. I was kept in the hospital for a whole day going through test after test until I told them that God healed me. So they discharged me as being healed. Jesus healed me. Thank you Jesus. Quotes
Rebecca A, Salem Oregon
Ovarian Cyst Disappeared

Quotes My friend visited me from California and told me that she had cancer. The following morning, I took her to the Healing House and Pastor Elijah prayed for her. She went back to California the same day. I just received information from her that her doctor says her cancer has disappeared. God had healed her. Thank you Jesus. Quotes
Angie, Las vegas
Cancer Healed

Quotes My neighbor had colon cancer which was late in phase and had few days to live. So, I called Pastor Elijah and left a message on his phone for him about my neighbor. I equally sent a text and left some detail information for him to reach the man. My neighbor had few days to live because the cancer was too advance per his doctor. Pastor Elijah called and prayed for him over the phone and now he is miraculously healed by Jesus Christ. Thank you Jesus for healing him. Amen. Quotes
Benjamin S, Tulsa Oklahoma
Cancer Healed

Quotes I followed my husband to the Healing House and Jesus healed me in a powerful way. I noticed that after I was prayed for, my skin started peeling off. My right eye that had been partially blinded was restored. God healed me I thank Him so much. Mona T, Las Vegas Quotes
Mona T
Eye problem

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