Here is the perfect place to tell the world what the Lord God Almighty has done for you in your life. Let us share in your joy. God Bless you.

Quotes My daughter's unborn baby was diagnosed with fluid in his heart and a hole in the heart including possibility of down syndrome. She was on admission for most part of her pregnancy at the University Medical Center of Las Vegas, (UMC Hospital). I asked my pastor, Pastor Elijah to come and pray for my daughter which he did. The Power of God touched the hospital the day he came to pray; all the mothers in the maternity ward with complications went to labor the same night because of pastor's prayers and were discharged the next day but I was the only one left. Pastor told me everything was going to be alright. Because of the baby's alleged conditions, the doctors delivered him early weighing 2 lbs. The doctors were not able to find any fluid around or hole in his heart again. Baby and mother are doing very well. Thank God for His healing power and stewards that have set themselves apart to be used mightily by God. Amen!! Quotes
Sister Patrice
Hole/Fluid in Heart + Downs Syndrome

Quotes I had a rare disease that nobody knew and it blinded me in the process. We had a seven days Revival Tent meeting in College Park Georgia and Apostle Elijah Akpan was invited as one of the speakers. On the Wednesday that he spoke, he prayed for people and I went out because I was blind and needed to see. Apostle Elijah prayed for me and told me I would see within 30 days. In the following morning when I woke up, I noticed a lot of mucus on my eyes, some were hard and I had to peel them off. As soon as I peeled the mucus out of my eyes, I was able to see and read clearly at the same time. Something that I never dreamt would happen in my life. The Lord Jesus Christ had mercy on me and touched my eyes. Now I can see. Glory be to God. Quotes
Ganelle-Atlanta, GE
I Can See

Quotes I have been suffering from glaucoma for quite sometimes now. I was affected to a point that I wasn't able to drive at all. All these times, I have received several treatments from my eye doctor to no avail. I went to church and Pastor Elijah prayed for me. I am so happy because my doctor says that the glaucoma is now borderline after the prayer and I am able to drive after many months of not being able to drive at all. Thank you Jesus for healing my eye and for making me drive again. Amen. Hallelujah. Quotes
E. Miguel, Las Vegas
Healing from Glaucoma

Quotes I invited my friend who came from Chicago with her son to the Healing House for prayer. My friend's son was schedule to appear before the judge for sentencing the following morning in Las Vegas. He was to go to prison for some years. When we came into prayer, Pastor Elijah called him and his Mom and prayed for them and told him that God had a surprise for him. After the session was over we went home that night. When he went to court, the judge sent him home instead of sending him to prison. Jesus truly delivered the young man and set him free from going to prison. Thank you Jesus. Quotes
M. Washington
Free from Imprisonment

Quotes My friend was very sick and placed on life support. He was in coma and fighting for his life. There was no hope for him to live. I called pastor Elijah and we prayed together and immediately, the power of God touched my friend. Today, he just came out of coma and now breathing on his own. To God be the glory. Jesus has healed my friend and I thank Him for this healing. Amen Quotes
Daniel, Las Vegas
My Friend Came off from Life Support

Quotes I was referred to do a job for someone who knows pastor Elijah. After I was done, I needed a ride home and Pastor Elijah offered to give me a ride since he was going my way. When he dropped me off, I had some groceries that I needed help to put in the house. So Pastor Elijah helped me with the groceries. My grandmother had cancer and when Pastor Elijah came inside the house, he spoke with my grandmother and prayed for her. My grandmother had Leukemia and chemo wasn't helping. After the prayer, my grandmother is now free from leukemia. Thank you Jesus for healing my grandmother from that deadly sickness. Quotes
Raneisha, Las Vegas
Cancer Healed

Quotes My daughter was caught with some drugs and arrested. I was told that she was going to receive a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of life sentence since it was not her first time. She was denied bail. I called my Pastor, Pastor Elijah and told him what happened. That Sunday I went to church and he prayed for me and said that God had a surprise for me and started laughing and I left. They following Monday I went to see an attorney. The attorney said I had to pay $6,000 as deposit before he could take up the case. So I was crying and told him that I did not have that kind of money. The Court appointed lawyer wanted a plea bargain from 10- life in prison. But the new lawyer asked if I could pay half and I said I would run around to raise the money. So I started calling my family members and friends and raised the money. We had court today and to everybody's surprise, the Judge removed the charges that carried 10-life sentence. My attorney was shocked. Jesus Did it. He surprised me. Quotes
Linda, Las Vegas
10 years to Life Sentence Removed

Quotes Before I came to IMSP, my family was really struggling with financial problems. My Mom's Social Security check was so little that it could not pay her monthly bills. Her Medicare benefits were cut. On the day I came to the church, the Pastor prayed for me and said God had broken off curses from me and my family. My Mom just called to inform me that there is an increase in her Medicare allowance, her coverage is increased so she does not have to pay co-payments anymore. This is a blessing because it was really hard on my Mom. Her depression is gone and she is happy and rejuvenated. Jesus is Lord. Thank you Lord. Quotes
Jay, Las Vegas

Quotes My grandmother was dying of cancer and did not have any treatment option to help her. All the chemotherapy she was receiving did not work anymore. The doctors gave up on treatment and were just maintaining her on some meds to ease her pain. She had lost a lot of weight and we were devastated because of her pain. My uncle who had just been healed and delivered from drug and alcohol addiction through the Healing House, called pastor Elijah and he prayed for grandmother Eleanor. Since then, she has been healed, gained weight and free from blood cancer. Thank you Jesus for healing my grandmother. Quotes
MIke, Las Vegas
Healing from cancer

Quotes The doctors suspected that I might have cancer in my ovaries and would eventually remove them and I would not be able to have children. I was in severe pain all the time and did not know what to do. I went to my Church, the Healing House and Pastor Elijah and the members prayed for me. He told me that when I go for another check up the doctors would not find anything because Jesus Christ has healed me. So I went to the hospital back in Los Angeles and the doctors did a Biopsy and the result just came out that they did not find anything. Also, my pain is gone. Thank you Jesus for healing me. I am very happy. Quotes
Patty, Las Vegas/Los Angeles
My Ovaries were healed
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