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Need help? Need God's Favor? Things not going right, or simply want to know how to speak to God. Request your prayer here.

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Please Note: Due to the large volume of prayer requests on this website, IMSP Ministers are praying unceasingly for every prayer request, therefore, know that the answers to your prayers are "Yes" and "Amen"


over a year ago by DON WILSON Pray for me
Please pray for my Sister-in- law Martha Wilson, she needs a healing from the good lord above. she haves cancer and only got about a week to live pray that god heal her he still able. pray for jobe her husband ( my brother ) Their children Martha Koontz, Melissa Koontz ,Ida Upton & billy Wilson. Thanks

Healing for my 2yr old son from tumors in his brain

over a year ago by Gina Pray for me
please pray for my son Levi, he will be 3 yrs old in April. he was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis. His MRI shows tumors in his brain he has some spots on his skin and his lower left bone in his leg is curved slightly. I pray in the name of Jesus he is healed from every symptom of NF1. in Jesus holy name , Amen! Thank you!

Changing and healing.

over a year ago by Cynthia Pray for me
My name is Cynthia, and I have been depressed for the past 9 years of my 21 year old life. All this issue started with me when I was 12 years old. I'm shy around people, I'm not comfortable with anyone, but my family and myself. I don't have any friends, and It's very hard for me to make friends and for me to get into a relationship with someone.No one seems to understand me. Everyone thinks I'm weird. I always get bad thoughts in my head everyday about people Who I haven't met, or seen. Few months ago I met this guy online,I really liked him, so we met up. I wouldn't even stand to talk to him or look him in the eyes. He said he doesn't like my behavior and how I treat him. I really like this guy, but he doesn't seem to like me anymore. I am tired of living like this through out my life. I only have one friend in my life, who loves me like her own blood. And I also need God to intervene in her life too. I want to be able to be free with people, I don't want people to hate me or think

home and bills

over a year ago by angie Pray for me
Dear Lord, you know all of my needs and worries and you are aware of the trouble that i face, please Lord shield me from all danger,hurt,and harm please assure me of your never ending love and assure me I am your child and you are with me every step of the way concerning my daughter, her father,and my money situation all my bills in jesus name amen


over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
Me and My husband has been together eight years and married two. I have been trying to conceive and nothing has happen to me. I have been saying I have giving it to God, but I continue to dwell on it. I just pray that God open up my womb to conceive soon.

Upcoming legal matter - Next week

over a year ago by kamal Pray for me
Please pray that our business sponsor is given authority by his attorney to file our papers immediately. We have a 2yr old son and work 18+ hr days. Please ensure ALL legal matters fall in our favour. Lord of creation, I seek your infinite divine blessings and grace in all our works. In you all things are possible. Thanks and blessings be with prayer warriors. Kamal & Harry. Dallas.

Don't know how to reach you, God

over a year ago by Vicki Pray for me
Help me to find a way back to a place where I am filled with faith and belief in God, instead of filled with doubts about myself and lack of connection to God.
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