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Posted by Pastor Elijah Akpan on January 2, 2015 at 3:05 AM




• The year 2015 is a year that God is releasing His peace upon the earth. This is the time for reconciliation and peaceful negotiation between families, friends, peoples, communities, countries and nations.

• In 2015, nations in conflict are going to reconcile their differences with each other. This will strengthen diplomatic relations and economic ties. The world’s economy is on the rise as we see more of God’s people progressing from poverty to financial freedom.

• God is opening up doors for peace to rain between families and friends. His Kingdom is going to experience a great and powerful in gathering of believers. Many churches shall come together now than in the past. There will be much unity starting this year in the body of Christ. Home fellowships are going to grow and expand much more than before because of the peace that God brings to families and relationships.

• 2015 is the year of righteousness and Justice. It is the year of Holiness. You must pursue God with a clean heart if you desire His blessings. 2015 is the year that you cannot be influenced by offense and injustice. A year you must be quick to forgive one another and pursue God’s blessings for your life.

• 2015 is the year that God will sanitize the temple and His house. It is a year of cleansing and purification. Many people that are unrepentant and still living in sin will be blocked out. Those who oppose God and afflict God’s children will be exposed and destroyed. Fighting against God’s vessel means fighting against Him. This is why you are called to live a life of holiness and faithfulness to God from this year.

• Those who remain faithful to God will be given authority to rule in many areas such as in the Church, government, business, education, science, entertainment and in the media.

• You are to look carefully in every aspect of your daily involvement with people so you are not deceived. Do not allow people’s issues and problems to trap you down because the enemy is going to use them to distract you from focusing on God.

• Don’t be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Beware of the bondage of witchcraft and sexual sins.

• Not all that glitters in 2015 shall be gold. The enemy is planning to deceive many through events and new ideas that seem right and looks good but are actually filthy, sinful and abominable to God. The Lord is going to guide you as you live righteously and in holiness before Him.

• 2015 is a year of overflow, double blessing, and a year of continuous blessings for God’s children. This is the year of rediscovery of your lost blessings and glory. You shall excel higher and higher in 2015 than you’ve ever been.

• Beware of the plunderer. The enemy shall try to plant devourers in your household, in your neighborhoods to plunder your harvest. But God will raise a standard against your enemies. Is 59:19.

• This is the year of Physical change in our lives. The year of significant transformation. The year that we match into victory. The year of great economic, urban and rural expansion in the earth.

• The year that the war of the past can no longer hunt you because that past in your life has been defeated and made history. It is the year of supernatural breakthrough in the earth for God’s children. It is a year that brings great value into our lives.

• 2014 was a year that God plundered your enemies and brought them to shame.

• 2014 was the year that your afflictions ended and the stronghold of the wicked was destroyed. It was the year that the battle ended in our lives.

• 2015 is the beginning of an unending blessings in our lives. The year of forward ever and backward never. Many are going to seek after you, look for you to bless them. Those who deserted you are going to try to make their way back into your live. Forgive them but do not open new doors to be plundered.

• The year that God comes down to take care of His own. A year of divine alignment, the year of movement, the year of shifting in the earth.

• The year that God releases supernatural wisdom upon earth for His children. The year that God gives us the ability to know the things we would have never known in the past.

• The year that God gives us more spiritual and prophetic insight. The year that we begin to tell more prophetic revelations about the hidden plans of God.

• The year that God exposes the works of the enemy more to His people. The year that God opens our eyes to see both physically and spiritually.

• It is the year that your enemies will have peace with you. It is the year that you will eat bread with your enemies without looking back because God will turn the hearts of your enemies to seek you, and to favor you. They will fight for you, defend you and turn against themselves just to bless you.

• A year of true happiness and peace for the children of God. A year that God positions the righteous to take over the earth. Structures that held this world captive, God already started bringing them down in 2010-2011.

• 2015 is the year that God begins to bring peace in the earth because Christ is coming back soon.

• It is a year that we begin to take our positions in the earth. God has already started assigning those positions to us. Wherever you find yourself in 2015, in church, in government, in the workplace, wherever you are placed regardless of your status, know that God has placed you there to take authority. He has positioned you so you can move forward to your destiny.

• 2015 is a year of breakthrough. God does not want us to go into 2015 with issues of the past so we do not miss our destinies. All those who are destined to receive blessings are given peace by God.

• All those that God has elected to rule and reign in righteousness are positioned, washed and filtered by God for the work of the Kingdom. God truly wants a sanctified Church, a sanctified heart, a glorified ministry in 2015. Too bad for those who carry the issues of the past, un-forgiveness, unresolved conflicts, offense, sins and unrepentant hearts from 2014 into 2015 because they are going to miss out of God’s blessings.

• 2015 is a year of purging. God is delighted with His church, at the same time purging His church. He is bringing restoration to the church.

• The year that the All Knowing, All Sufficient and All Powerful God is coming into the earth in His majesty to visit His chosen, to touch and to renew their strength, their lives and put them in high places.

• A year that no one can come to the house of God with counterfeit and selfishness because God will not tolerate it. Many will migrate from Church because God will not stand their selfishness, their lip service, and their man pleasing service. God is going to look at matters from the heart. He is interested in those who worship Him in spirit and in truth.

• God is looking for those whose hearts are loyal and fixed in Him to bless them.

• Watch out for promotions and helpers coming your way. Be free to speak with God because He is near to you now than ever. Do not look too far for your needs because they are right there with you to grasp. God is with you to assist you, but you must ask and take the will of God into consideration.

Psalms 36:5-12

5 Your mercy, O LORD, is in the heavens;

Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.

6 Your righteousness is like the great mountains;

Your judgments are a great deep;

O LORD, You preserve man and beast.

7 How precious is Your lovingkindness, O God!

Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of Your wings.

8 They are abundantly satisfied with the fullness of Your house,

And You give them drink from the river of Your pleasures.

9 For with You is the fountain of life;

In Your light we see light.

10 Oh, continue Your lovingkindness to those who know You,

And Your righteousness to the upright in heart.

11 Let not the foot of pride come against me,

And let not the hand of the wicked drive me away.

12 There the workers of iniquity have fallen;

They have been cast down and are not able to rise.




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