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Posted by Pastor Elijah Akpan on December 22, 2013 at 2:30 AM

ABOUT 2013

• The year 2013 has been a year of rebellion in the Church and in the world.

• Many have walked away from God this year than in the years past

• 2013 has been a year of judgment for the wicked and the ungodly.

• It has been a year of revelation, strive and increased disasters

• It has also been a year of economic turn-around for many and a year of poverty for many

• Wars in the Middle East escalated this year as the rulers refused to yield to Christ

• The church has been at war with itself due to increased strife for power and position than seeking the One True God

• The enemy has turned man against God by causing pains and sufferings to man who now blames and accuses God for what he did not do

• Many have turned to the devil for answers than seek answers from their One True God

• Divorce is on the rise as the devil targets marriage as the core of unity and stability in the Kingdom of God

• Human trafficking, abortions, drug addictions, imprisonments, bribery and corruption are on the rise as we are fast approaching the end

• Betrayal has taken over the fabric of our existence as we find ourselves betraying each other with no conscience

• The word trust has disappeared from our vocabulary as we now embrace dishonesty and disloyalty

• Lies and corruption have taken over the governments of the world than transparency and integrity

• The children of God have become more victims as the ungodly prospers even more


• The good news is that 2014 is the year of Restoration.

• It is the year that God turns back our captivity and brings restoration to our lost glory

• It the year of great increase and harvest in the seven year cycle which started 2010

• 2014 is the year of excess. You will receive every blessing in excess

• God is giving out everything He has for His children in exceeding measures from 2014

• There will be more healing and deliverance because of the massive out pour of abundant grace

• A year that prominent world leaders shall transition to make way for the next generation

• For many of you, expect great restoration in your marriages and finances

• Many debts will be cancelled, written off or paid off in 2014

• We shall see breakthroughs in medical sciences and new inventions in technology

• 2014 shall come with worldly restrictions but heavenly abundance and freedom

• We shall witness tremendous growth in the Kingdom of God.

• We shall witness great spiritual transformation for those who are humble and submissive to the will of God

• 2014 is a year of Taking Back or Claiming Back your territories from the enemy

• It is the year of painful defeats against your enemies. Watch God fight your battles for you.

• God is very near to us and 2014 is a year of divine visitation. Expect to walk alongside with the Angels of God to rescue you when you are in trouble.

• Beware of competition and jealousy in the body of Christ. Stick to your calling no matter how glorious somebody else’s calling appears. God will glorify you when you are faithful in your calling

• You shall collect many spoils in 2014 from the battles of 2013

• Oppression shall not be your portion in 2014. The time has come for your enemies to become oppressed. Your plundering time is over. The time has come for God to plunder your enemies for your sakes.

• 2014 is the year of fire. Your God is a Consuming Fire. The proud shall be put to fire in 2014.

• 2014 is the year of great salvation. Many shall come to Christ as they embrace Christ. Evangelical anointing is being poured out in 2014 through 2015




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