In May of 2003, en-route to Africa an angel appeared to me in a dream and shone an extremely bright light towards me.  As I tried to run away, I found myself frozen and could not move.  After about two minutes, the light ceased, then I saw a very tall and huge man standing about ten feet away from me. I asked him, "What is  your name?" he answered, "My name is Steven." I then asked, "Where is the Father?" Suddenly, he stood beside me and stated that I should walk with him to go see the Father. I was quickened in the spirit to know that he was Angel Steven.

When I finally met the Father, He was sitting on a wooden chair with a wooden staff in His right hand.  I knew He was the Father the moment I saw Him. I prostrated on the floor and worshipped Him. He asked me to stand up; as I stood up, His first words to me were, "It is time for you to do my work."  He stood up and as we walked side-by-side He gave me instructions on what needed to be done.  When He finally departed with his Angelic entourage, I found myself healing the sick, preaching the word of God, performing miracles to multitudes who appeared from nowhere.

When I returned from my trip, my business began to gradually run downhill.  Problems started from employees, and scaled to investigations and eventual loss of the business.  We then went through an intense five years of court cases from several lawsuits which left my wife and I with almost no penny to our names. Friends, some relatives and business circles, deserted us except God and those He chose to comfort and prayed with us.  When the court cases ended, we went through an additional two years of financial hardship which resulted in the loss of many properties and uncountable investments.  It was during this time that the Lord showed up again and spoke to me with an audible voice to read Isaiah 61:6-11.  That same night, the Lord spoke also to my wife, Pastor Ini Akpan, and told her to read Isaiah 60:18, which became the name of our ministry, International Ministry of Salvation and Praise.

Dr. Elijah Akpan

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