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The Pastor's new Book, "Take it to the Cross" is out! Get your copy now and change your life.
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Take It To The Cross is a book that teaches you how to pray effectively and fervently. The prayer points in this book are guaranteed to set your problems on fire just like the farmer sets his farm on fire to kill weeds. Once the weeds are destroyed, the crops can grow healthily and the farmer can be assured of receiving a great harvest. God will turn your destiny around, heal you, deliver you, and bring restoration as you persistently and aggressively pray the prayer points from any and all chosen chapters. This book will guide you with step-by-step prayers so that you can receive answers to your petitions from God. Take it To The Cross also addresses why your prayers are not being answered and shows you what you must AVOID in order to receive answers to your prayers from God. The prayer points in this book are written from a Kingdom mindset and not from a Democratic mindset. They are intentionally formulated to be strong and effective simply because the enemy does not understand mild and soft-spoken prayer language; because the devil was created and raised in a Kingdom and later thrown out of that Kingdom into our world, he operates with a Kingdom mentality. This means that he only understands commands, declarations, and decrees. Anything outside of that will not move him away from you. Prayers from this book will bring deliverance, healing, and victory to your life!


At the International Ministry of Salvation and Praise, the  Lord has called us to evangelize the world by taking His gospel everywhere He sends us.  The Book of Psalms, Chapter 2:8 says, "Ask of Me, and I will give You the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession."  

This is our time to bring great harvest of souls to the kingdom of God.  The fields are full of harvests and we believe it is our responsibility to reach out and gather the harvest of souls from every nation, every tribe and every people to the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are here to serve God's people as the Lord leads us, and you are truly welcome here at The Healing House.



In May of 2003, en-route to Africa an angel appeared to me in a dream and shone an extremely bright light towards me...Read more...

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